Welcome to Acornhead Gaming

     Welcome to our brand-new site! This is a place where we will discuss all things gaming.

     We have started this site to function as the main platform where you can find everything relating to Acornhead Gaming. This includes podcasts – now streaming on YouTube, iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and other podcast directories. Articles – Video Game News, Reviews, opinion pieces, and analysis. The Youtube videos will allows for viewers to have options in the way they want to consume our content. They can choose to read the weekly articles, or watch a YouTube video, both of which will deliver similar content.

     This website will allow us to grow, and reach new levels, where we can share the news, write reviews, and share our opinion(s). It is an important step we are taking to develop our presence in the gaming community. We have been playing video games since we were kids, and now we are in a better position to share the joy of gaming, and everything it encompasses –  the good, and bad.

     The articles will discuss video games – what they are about, what we think, what the developers did right, and what they can improve on – consoles – latest news about console releases, specifications, features, and more.

     The articles will be weekly, starting from a date yet to be announced, as we are still in the process of getting everything all setup, and ready to go.

By: Assud Shad

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