Acornhead Gaming Podcast #4: PS5, The Nextbox, Switch Pro, The Future of Streaming, and Games We Have Been Playing

In this latest podcast, we discuss a variety of things. We have a discussion on PS5 specifications – which have been officially released. We touch on the next Xbox rumoured specifications as well, nothing is but certain yet, as we have not had any credible leaks, or rumours that have been released to the public – stay tuned to our podcast, as we will be sure to talk about it if anything comes up in the coming months.

Streaming services are becoming more prominent in the gaming scene, we make sure to address it, and what some of them are offering, and compared to others.

We talk about some of the video games we have been playing lately: Mordhau (First person sword fighting game), Ori and the Blind Forest, Devil May Cry, Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch, Forza Horizon 4, Sly Cooper, and Black Ops 3 custom zombies.

We also have a very important announcement to make. We have a brand-new website that you should check out! It will have the latest updates on everything Acornhead related – podcasts, gaming reviews, news and more! Check us out at

Enjoy our latest podcast, now streaming on iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and other podcast directories!

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